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Linux Distributions as a Service

One of my colleague installed Ubuntu on his Mac computers and was surprised by the varieties of Ubuntu distributions offered. There are different distributions and differents architectures and he was wondering how they managed this complexity.

This gave me an idea. What about having even more distributions? What about having personalized distribution customized for your particular machine ?

A usage scenario could be like this:

  • you go on the website of a Linux distribution,
  • start an application that analyze your hardware,
  • answer a few questions about your requirements (security, network, etc),
  • choose the graphical environment, choose or customize some graphical themes (for a desktop distribution) etc.
  • you then get a link where you could download your own customized distribution, tailored for your needs and hardware. Or maybe you enter an email and you get a link via email when the build is finished.

Common choices and typical hardware configurations could be shared by the community.

It would require a good infrastructure but it could be a service people would be ready to pay for.

Currently only expert Linux users can tailor their distributions for their needs, Linux distributions as a service (or “on demand”) could bring more power and more control to a broader public.